Drop Into the Consol


Here's a simple way to drop into single user mode (kill X & other net services) and just have the console on your whole screen (no gui) just type 'shutdown now -h'. Yes, this is a bug, it should shut down your computer, but instead changes the runlevels dropping you into console. To start X again, just type exit.

- fintler :)
Are we running X here? Yes it did drop me to console, but 'exit' didn't bring me back. Thanks, now my uptime is zero again.
There's no X in Mac OS X ;) and no GUI at all in Darwin.

That's a "third-party opportunity" for OS X and probably
one of the first things ported to Darwin on intel.

PS: you want to log in as ">console" to get the GUI out
of the way without disturbing your uptime as posted in another thread.
in the consol you can also type shutdown now and it will drop you into single user mode : control D will bring the machine back up, starting the process again:)

while playing around with all the apps there, we rebooted the machine while still working in consol (oops) the welcome screen came up:)
if you open an app through the consol it is opened as a child of the consol window with no menu options of it's own, kind cool considering what you can do with that power :)_