Dropped characters when using OSX


I love OS X except for two things. One of them I don't think I can do much about, the other just makes me wonder.

Here's the critical question: When I'm using Internet Explorer, I seem to lose about every tenth character I type. That is, if I were in MacOS X right now using IE, I might see something like this when I type:

This is soe test textto demonstate my odd problem.

As you can tell, this is a horribly exasperating problem for me. I type about 110 wpm, and that might be why you don't see this problem reported more often, but it's definitely there.

If I'm running, say, emacs on a terminal window, the problem is much less severe, but still there - maybe I lose one out of every 20-30 characters I type.

Now this seems rather annoying. I never lose any characters when I'm typing under Linux, after all (as I am now). I lose very few under MacOS 9 (and those are probably because I don't get along that well with the feel of the Pro Keyboard), but I lose big-time under X.

Anyone else have this problem? Anything I can do to fix it?

My hardware is a brand new (two week old) G4/450 multi-processor with 512MB RAM and a 30 and 80GB IDE drives. Surely this should be powerful enough to run OSX?

Many thanks for any insights.


(PS The understandable problem is that neither Apple's Final Cut nor iMovie run at all well under X - but this is not that big a problem since I knew that would probably be the case. It certainly does prevent me from using OS/X for all, or even most, of my work).