Dropped Pixels And Kernel Panics


Machine: Dual 1Ghz G4 Quicksilver running 10.3.9.


The problem is intermittent. The first signs of it are usually a number of missing pixels in a display (often Finder), most often in a straight horizontal line. Sometimes, in Safari, for example, there will be straight dotted lines. Inevitably, the machine will crash (kernel panic). I've tried everything I know. I've done disk repair, permissions repair. I've run the advanced suite of tests in Tech Tools Pro 4 without finding errors. Recently, I completely rebuilt the machine with new hard disks and reinstalled the OS and all the applications. Worked fine for a while, then, painfully, the symptoms began to reappear. As I write this, the system seems stable. I ran a cache clearing program this afternoon, but have no idea if that was responsible for the current stability.

Two years ago, I replaced the video card and that seemed to help for a while, but then the problem returned.

I depend on this machine for my livelihood. Please help!