DSL, routers, Windoze, and a Mac


I am looking to bring a DSL connection into my house via a Sony GR notebook. I would like to take it through a router and spread it to a VAIO XG notebook and an iMac--wirelessly. The GR uses Windoze XP Pro, the XG uses ME, and the Mac uses OS X 10.1.

I will need to pick up an Airport card for the iMac and I will get 2 VAIO wireless LAN cards for the VAIO notebooks. I am wondering if the Linksys EtherFast Wireless AP + Cable/DSL Router w/ 4-Port Switch can accomplish this.

Any ideas on how can I get this set up so that all of these machines communicate with each other wirelessly and if the above-mentioned Linksys router is indeed what I am looking for?

THanks for any ideas you may have.
I don't know anything about PC wireless internet, but I think the linkSys wireless router works with Mac's. You might want to check LinkSys's site to see if you need drivers or anything to get it to work. I don't know much about Wireless internet, so someone else could probably help you better.

Yes, the Linksys wireless router will work just fine with both Macs and PCs simultainiously, as Macs and PCs use the same protocol for wireless networking. You will need something like Dave for filesharing with the PCs if you want to do that.

But all you should have to do when you get the Linksys is set it up as a DHCP server, and then set the Macs and PCs to use DHCP. That's it, you're all set.