Dual 733

My mac does the work that I need it to do...
I wil remain with my G3 @350Mhz for a while now....
(as a uni student I *need* the dough )

I have a single-CPU 733mhz machine that's been on order since early February. I slowed it down by adding the geForce3; now I'm wondering if I should put a hold on it, and wait and see if the duals will really be coming out...or if they'll sell an add-on card for the single-CPU machines?

SOMEBODY will sell an add-on card. I doubt Apple will because the second they have enough supply of 733's to ship duals, they will. I don't think they will wait until they can also ship an add-on card. I'd look for it from XLR8 and company 3 or 4 months after the dual 733's ship from apple (at the earliest). I'm a Uni student too, I just got a nice internship over the summer :) Plus, I only have a G3/266 which is bottom-of-the-barrel as far as running OSX is concerned.
If they come out, I'm drooling, but not buying.

What I would buy would be something like a 15/17" TFT-monitor iMac or a G3/G4 cube with room for an additional video card.

I don't do a lot of CPU-intensive stuff, so I haven't had any reason to find my G3 300 slow.

The important things for me are screen real estate and silence. My own comp makes far too much noise with its two fans and two hard drives, but iMacs and Cubes only let you use one monitor at a time (video mirroring don't count).

Not that another computer will be in my budget for a lot more years, anyway...
At the end of the year (at whatever that thing is in August or September they release stuff at.. Seybold?) they're supposedly doing a complete revamp of the Power Macs, as in new case and everything. I'm waiting for then to even thing about buying.
New case ?
Any new capabilities added ???
Makes me drool lol ... but I think I will keep my $$$ for now... I am not due for an upgrade for at least 1.5 more years ;) (My 350Mhz G3, is 2 years old and still going ultra strong :) )

Any rumor sites about the new macs ???? (maybe a G5 ??? lol )

Go here:

Most everything I have seen them post has come true. Also they update and kill rumors when they find errors and such. Check the archives if these aren't on the front page when you get there, or for verification of past rumors...

"Friday, March 16
Dual-processor 667/733MHz PowerMacs due by April

According to reliable Apple sources, new PowerMac G4 configurations including dual-processor versions of the 667 and 733MHz models will become available in a matter of weeks -- possibly before the end of the month, but almost certainly by mid-April. Quad-processor versions have been considered, but due to the high cost of PowerPC 7450 processors at present, Apple does not expect to introduce four-way MP until its next major PowerMac revision this summer."



"Wednesday, March 14
Gigahertz PPC 7450 G4s targeted for August

New information acquired through Motorola sources points to firm plans for the company's new PowerPC 7450 processor, now used in Apple's PowerMac G4 667/733 models, to scale in two steps to 1GHz.
Apple, however, is presently expected to announce both steps in a single event: Macworld New York this July. Similarly to the company's unveiling of its first two 7450-based PowerMacs, some of the announced models will be available immediately (733 and 800MHz versions), others "soon" (866 and 933MHz), and the high-end model at 1GHz will probably not ship until the end of August -- about six weeks after Macworld.
Other big news coming out of Motorola includes plans to co-develop the PowerPC 75xx processor family, also known as the G5, with IBM. To address concerns that Motorola may not be able to keep up with the needs of the Mac platform going forward into the 2002 timeframe and beyond, both companies will actively develop their own versions of the G5. Expect to hear more very soon..."
New case ?
Any new capabilities added ???

how should I know?? :)

I read that on mosr or someplace, and it makes sense.. the current case design was introduced with the blue g3s, and what was what, like 2 years ago?

I hope Apple gets some kind of active cooling working, so us power users can have quiet computers too....