Dual 800 or 867 G4 under OS X 10.1?


My uses:

Only use OS X 10.1 (never use OS 9)

Never do heavy 3D Rendering or Animation (use the computer for research on the internet and writing papers, MP3, burning, photos, etc)

Now, since I am only using OS X 10.1, would the Dual 800 be like a 1.6ghz G4 in all programs, and be significantly faster all of the time?

Would the Dual 800 last much longer in terms of being outdated?

So, is the Dual 800 worth the price increase when you are only using OS X, and this computer is not solely for graphics rendering etc??

Thanks for the help...it is greatly appreciated.

I posted something earlier, but I forgot to clarify the only using OS X 10.1 part, which is extremely important.

A dual cpu mac or any computer will outlast single cpu computers. Dual cpu and mac os 10.1 is what you want. match made in heaven. i was at comp usa last night and used their dual 800 with 256mb ram and 10.1 and all i can say is, well, not much. it floored my mouth it was so screaming fast. i have an Athlon 1.33ghz with 768mb ram and the dual 800 opened mail faster then OE does on my pc sometimes, IE opened even faster sometimes. QT opened way faster then on my pc.
I'll just say the dual 800 flied.
everything in 10.1 and so on takes advantage of the dual cpu. so if you say try to open 5 apps at the same time, the dual would open them so fast it would be like opening one app on a single cpu mac almost. it's that fast.

I've got a dual 450 and single 450 mac and when i open 3 or 4 apps at once on the dual, it takes about the same time as maybe 1 or 2 apps do on my single. so it's a lot nicer. i say dual all the way. then also when you go to sell your mac, you'll get a lot more for it then you would a single.
yeah dp 800 is nice. Oftentimes a demanding process (like photoshop) can entirely take over one processor and leave the other processor to keep the OS and the app you are working in (if you've switched out of PS) running snappily. As more and more DP-awareness gets out among the developers, the dual procs will become more and more important.
I never thought about that...so will the resale value on the Dual 800 be much better than the 867, or will it hold its value much better comparitively. I would think so simply because Mac only makes a few DP computers. The 867 seems fast now, but next year when we have 1.2ghz machines it will seem slow, while the DP 800 will continue to be speedy and hold its value....is this true?

Any opinions welcome....thanks for the advice. Big decision here :)

Well, yes, kind of :) Remember there may be dual processor 1.2ghz g4's though and nothing now can compare to that.