Dual 800 PowerMac


Do not read this sign.
The newest PowerMac is a real drooler:

Dual 800Mhz G4, Dual 2MB level 3 cache, superdrive, dual monitor card, 80GB hd. Oh, go check it out for yourself!

It's nice.... but

2) If it could be done safely, without reprecusions and system instabilities it would have already been done
3) Dont do it ;) (Well not unless you got the $$$ to get a new one if you f*ck it up ;) )

I have to agree with you on those points. But seeing that overclocking can get us to the ghz, I imagine that Apple isn't too far from releasing official 1ghz power mac G4's.

My beige G3 goes up from 266 to 300, or down to 250mhz, but the bus up to 83mhz (from 66).

I've been experimenting with it lately, and I got Mac OS X to work as low as 166mhz, and honestly, it ran pretty smooth.
Could be.

It sounds like it all went down like this:

Motorola makes batches of would-be 867's. Those that don't pass 867 specs are sold as 800's. I wonder what Motorola's yield is on a batch that they can pass off the 800's two to a computer while there are only enough 867's for one per computer.

Hopefully if Motorola can increase yield and crank up production Apple will be able to offer more MP machines. I'd like to see that. Really, if Motorola can make 'em, why not make MP iMacs?

The way Intel makes their chips, all of the chips are the same and they just lock the clock multiplier depending on what speed they are branding. There was even a time when the Pentium and the Celeron were identical twins and they just burned out part of the cache memory.

I just got the 733mhz at work, and I would not be surprised if I could bump that up to a gig. I have experimented around with overclocking on PCs, but don't have the guts to do it will my Mac (at least for a year...) =)