dual boot with CCC


thinking about partitioning my drive to dual boot Mavs (coz I don't want to pay the ProTools upgrade cost right now) and probably El Cap or Sierra.
I don't use TM but rather CCC. Has anyone set a dual boot using CCC? Had any issues?
I have. I actually have 5 boot drives. (I hope you have a backup) So you partition the drive using disk utility. Name the new partition something. then use CCC to copy the old partition to the new partition.

If you just want to install a different Os After the partitioning you will need the OS installer. Just run it and select your new partition.
No issues for me.
Yes! You can set a dual boot using CCC. It can backup your files, but frequently it does not necessarily capture the extended attributes in terms of ownership and permissions etc, which can result in an inability to make an effective restore.