Dual Display needs to be configured everytime


I added RadeOn PCI to my existing Rage 128 Pro video card for dual display. On OS X, it wouldn't display anything on my RadeOn desktop. The GUI in OS X also becomes very slow.

The workaround is go to Display in System Preferences, and move the RadeOn desktop. Then, it starts to work. I have to do this everytime if I shut down OS X. Also tried 10.0.1 update but doesn't help.

On OS 9.1, it doesn't do that.

Anyone seem this problem?

Thanks in advanced.
Not sure if any of this makes and difference, but I definitely do not have this problem.

I had both of my ATI Rage 128's in before the install... even before the install of the PB.

Did you put your Radeon in before or after you OS X install?

Did you put your Radeon in the fast PCI slot the Rage 128 was in, or one of the slower PCI slots.
I have had a bit of the same problem... OK the only thing that is the same is the fact we are both using OS X and and an OEM ATI Rage card. I have a G4 450 DP with an additional IX Micro Ultimate Rez card installed pre-OS X.

My problem is that I cannot change the refresh rates to known good rates that I can use in OS 9.1. These known good rates are listed below:

NEC MultiSync XV17+ on OEM ATI Rage Pro 16 MB AGP
1024x768 @ 100Hz
1024x768 @ 90Hz

Apple Multiple Scan 15av on IX Micro Ultimate Rez 8 MB PCI
1024x768 @ 74.9Hz

The only refresh rates listed are either unholy to use either because of flicker or because of a visible line running up (NEC) or down (Apple) the screen.

I have found that if I boot into OS X with the monitors powered off one or two more options are available but that solution is unsatisfactory as it resets on reboot, many of the refresh rates are still unavailable, and I should just not have to do this.

Any help would be appreciated.
I have my Rage 128 Pro AGP running at 1024x768, and my RadeOn PCI Retail running at 1280x1024. Both are running at 75Hz.

Sometimes when I tried to move the desktop layout between two monitors, both screen becomes gray. Once I reboot my OS X, both monitors run properly, and fast.
Originally posted by Vortex3D
Try have it down all possible resolution and refresh rate. Set both monitors to run at 74.9Hz.


If you are saying what I think you are, setting both monitors to run at 74.9Hz is not an option. As I mentioned before the refresh rates listed were "known good rates that I can use in OS 9.1", and I am unable to use them in OS X.

Again: I cannot use the previously mentioned refresh rates in OS X. That includes any display at 74.9Hz.