Dual full screen setup


I need to run dual full screen of 2 different QT files on a G5 at the same time

So I need a setup like this:

Screen 1 running QT file "a" in full screen

Screen 2 running QT file "b" in full screen

Does anyone know how this could be achived?

Is there a aplication out there in the jungle to make this happen?

If anyone knows about where software to do this could be found or how to do a work around it would be great.

Thx in advance
Are you sure its enough to have a graphics cars with 2 ports???

Normally when you go full screen with 2 screens conected the screen number 2 turns black... Have you tried this or? what does the application you refer to do?
Sry for bumping I really need and answer to this...

CJ MAC OSX IPOD do you know having 2 ports is not enough? If you put 1 screen into full screen mode the other one turns black... That is the whole isue to get a full screen picture running on both monitores at the same time...

You talk about and application, could you be more speciffic?
I think the 2nd screen only blacks out depending on the program that you are using to view the movie. I have never tried running to movies at the same time but you shouldn't have a much different experience using 1 video card with dual ports versus 2 cards. The only thing might be a performance difference but I think OS X treats screen spanning the same either way you go.

I will try this tonight if I get home early enough to make it worth while to turn on the PowerMac. I have a G5 1.8 with a 9600 and dual 17s.
So I need some other software to make it work... Got any idea of a program that would do it and at the same time support alot of formats?
yes it is possible to have a dual port graphics card ive seen they are made to not take up all the ports for hard drive e.t.c. ;)
I was able to play video on screen on my PowerBook :D
On external there was QuickTime running full screen
On PB's I used VLC also in full screen mode.

I have to admit that it looked realy cool. :D