Dual G4-450/128Mb


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Just got my Dual G4-450 in the mail today. OS X is already up and running (took a total of about 10 minutes). The install went smooth as silk. The internet/email/pop configuration was very elegant.

So far (5 minutes of messing around) OS X is *very* sweet. I'm probably gonna end up turning off most of the animations. They are very cool, but a little distracting (especially the bouncing dock icon when apps are launched).

I'm very impressed so far.

Tyler Gingrich

PS: "Hey Steve I really believe that the future is NeXT."
I have about the same config (but 256 Mb RAM) and OS X has been my primary OS ever since I got the machine. I have only started OS 9 to play DVD-films, DVD-player won't start in X... still waiting for the first carbonized DVD-player.

I love it. Wonderful. Can't wait for the final version (sporting full support for my Radeon-card). Yum.

(2x450 G4, 256 Mb RAM, 20 Gb HD, Radeon-graphics)
Have you some program to test the use of your second
What kind of printer did you choose?
USB HP840C or via ethernet?

You can use either of the cpu monitoring utilities that are floating around on the net to watch how much each processor is doing...

/Applications/GrabBag/CPU Monitor is bundled with the system.

XLoad is a freeware utility but I can't remember where I found it.

As for printers, I use an HP2100TN ethernet printer. Everything on OS X seems to print fine except MSIE which goofs up some of the formatting when printing.