dual monitor problem with PMG5



I have a Power Mac G5 2.3 with 2.5 ram (newer generation, April 05), with an ATI Radeon 9600 Display card.

I set up two identical LG monitors for extended desktop.

After configuring displays with identical resolutions, there remains a glaring difference in color (or tone) between the two; one of them has much more red. If I swith the connections of the monitors the "red" monitor changes, so that depending on which monitor I connect to which connector, it becomes the left or the right monitor. So the connectors of the computer are the culprits.

When I open System Profiler, under Graphics/Displays, it states that the monitors are set with different resolutions (1280 x 1024 @ 85 Hz; 800 x 600 @ 60 Hz), even though I just configure them exactly alike (both 1280 x 1024 @ 85 Hz).

Apple technician has already tried putting a new display card, with no difference. Now they've sent Apple engineers a request to solve the problem.

Can anyone help me? Is this hardware or software problem? Though the bug on the System Profiler leads me to believe that it is software, it may well be the mother board, or some other hardware that is causing the computer to send different signals.

Bernardo Jucá