Dual monitor problems


I've got a secondary monitor plugged into my Pismo. And then I decided that, nah, I didn't really need the second monitor, so I unplugged it. Later on, it was time for a reboot after changing something or other, and I went off to eat dinner after clicking restart. And hour later, I come back expecting to find my computer asleep, but it's actually showing the blue background, with the spinning icon, and flipping back and forth between different shades of blue. Whoa... I was scared outta my mind. I even went so far as to reinstall X (not a clean install, mind you, just an upgrade). No deal.

The computer only booted all the way up when I plugged my secondary monitor back in. And now it seems to be fine. I've duplicated the problem, restarting and unplugging the monitor before anything else has a chance to happen, and the same problem occurs.

Anyone with a second monitor want to try and see if you get the same results? Keep in mind that I've got a Pismo, and it'd be good to see if it's just a problem with the Pismo or if it's a problem with secondary monitors across the board.

I'll go ahead and notify Apple, but really, please, someone else check it out.

Oh, BTW, the monitor is an old Apple 13" RGB, but that shouldn't really matter.
yeah I got the same deal, I'm on a dual 450 G4 one monitor on RAGE 128 pro, and 2nd monitor on ix3dmicro. I can boot fine in two monitors but when I go single to see if my 2nd video card is preventing me from sleeping it won't even start up. I read somewhere in the machelp of X final that if the screen saver had a hot corner enabled in the second monitor anywhere it would have boote problems, but I took that off, it still didn't work. Then, I took it off the primary monitor and it still didn't work, so I took of the screensaver alltogether, and it still didn't work, so I'm at a dead end myself. I haven't gone as far as re-installing X though. My work around is just to have 2 monitors up and going. what a pain:-(