Dual Monitor Won't Work After Tiger Installed


I've got a 12" G4, 867. I installed the latest version of Tiger, 10.4.1...but now the flat panel monitor beside it, flickers on,
but won't stay on. To make matters worse, I've deleted the display
preference pane ( I thought it was the same thing thing as a .plist)...when I was rooting through Preferences...earlier Googling
suggested I try that.

Please help on both counts.


Wow, you messed it up...
I only can advise you to get the Displays.PrefPane back. In order to do so
you need either to install 10.4.1 on a different partition or
you know someone who has 10.4.1 installed too. The File you've deleted is just about 200 K small.

When you restored "Displays.PrefPane" i suggest a restart.

In order to get more information why the Dual Display Mode doesn't work anymore get ATI Displays from here:

Good Luck