Dual monitors have a will of their own...


I have a dual monitors setup on my G5. Everytime I restart the machine I have to rearrange their placement. The default is the second monitor to the left of the primary. What I need is the second monitor to be on the right of the primary. On restart the default is used and I have to open the control panel and rearrange the monitor placement again. Does anyone know why it is not saving my pref?

btw ver 10.3.4 i have no access to the admin settings- it is my workstation...


It's to bad when you get no response to your ? I think, "I don't have a clue" would be better than zip. Anyway...

I had the same exact problem but now my settings hold even after I "restart" my system; what did I do?; don't know exactly but I did a repair of my permissions for something else (not related to this issue) and seems to me I haven't had to detect my monitors since.

Hope this is better than nothing....



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I know this might be a bit old now, but you never know (incidentally, this is the first time I'm seeing this post). Have you tried switching the monitors to the other one's video out on the Mac? This might solve your problem unless you want that one specific video card to be showing the primary display. If it doesn't matter, then just switch over the monitors to the opposite video card that it's currently connected to.