Dual Powermac G5 constantly freezing


Hi All,

I've had my dual powermac(2ghz) 10.3.9 since September last year with 512mb of ram. Although the installed ram isn't much, the mac has been exhibiting the following problems:-

  • Totally freezes when trying to log out or shut down.
  • Will freeze when starting up
  • I cannot play a single cd in iTunes again due to freezing. At times, it is accompanied with a beeping sound. The same thing happens when I try to watch a dvd.
  • Moving the mouse has on many occasions caused the g5 to totally freeze with a an accompanying pinging sound.

I cannot do anything but switch the g5 off manually and restart again. I have spoken to mac support several times and, they keep insisting it's to do with the amaount of ram. I have only been able to run the hardware test disc once. Many a time, the fans will kick in and start roaring whenever I try to run it again, causing me to manually switch the g5 off. The frequency is around five freezes per hour.

Two weeks ago, the g5 went totally dead and wouldn't start up. I rang apple support and had it collected to be fixed. It turned out there was a problem with the logic board. A replacement logic board arrived doa from apple and a replacement for that too had to be ordered.

I spoke to the engineers concerning the freezing and, they were sceptical it had anything to do with the ram as I'm not running ram hungry applications. They advised to to do re-install panther from scratch to see if it resolves the problem and to call apple if it fails to resolve it. I have done that but, I'm still experiencing the freezing.

I'm a first time mac user and I'm at my wits end. I never experienced such problems with any of my previous pc's. As much as I like the mac, I'm beginning to lose faith in it.

Somebody please help me!!!


Ananse said:
they were sceptical it had anything to do with the ram as I'm not running ram hungry applications

Err.. bad RAM is bad RAM.. its got nothing to do with RAM hungry apps.. the system won't like it.. difficult to test as you will have 2x256mb of Apples RAM in there.. and it ain't the best... do yourself a favour and get some extra RAM so you can take out the old RAM and test with.. even 2x128mb Kingston RAM won't set you back much.. but if the problem is with the RAM it will be better with only 256. Other than that, make sure permissions are repaired.. and run Diskwarrior over it.. theres other things you can do.. but until you know for sure the RAM is good.. nothing else really matters..
Thanks for the suggestions. Before I run out to buy some more ram, does anyone else have any further suggestions :)