duplicate disk function gives error 8058



I have error 8058 when trying to duplicate an audio CD. Also, the "make image from disk" option is greyed out in disk tool. It looks like this is pretty whidespread issue but I cannot find any solution. The system is Mac mini with a superdrive and tiger 10.4.1.
Also, some medias give strange error when trying to burn them. It appearcs the superdrive (UJ-835F) is kinda picky about those blanks. I don't know if it's normal though...

Haven't copied an audio CD myself in years... But you could also add the tracks to iTunes and burn the CD from there. You can define whether imported titles are compressed or not (set iTunes to import as AIFF).
fryke said:
But you could also add the tracks to iTunes and burn the CD from there.
Good point. I'll try it to check if it can rip at all. I suspect this is exactly the problem, CDDA acces it is.

I've just switched to Mac on my desktop and expected it to be straighforward just pop it and push the button way, but it appears I've got load of problems with this UJ-835F superdrive.

People are screaming all around that they cannot copy disks in Tiger or burn DVDs at advertised 4x blaming bad media. This thing just spits out some medias showing strange long hexadecimal errors. The same blanks are burnt at full speeds on pioneer 108 under Linux or w2k.

I'm sure there is a way to curcumvent the problem. My point is the thing must work for the money I paid for this machine. So far there is no solutions to all that and the Apple support remains silent.

ps. what's 835F anyway? I can find only UJ-835B 8x on panasonic's site. Is it some sort of mystical apple tweaked thing?
I get this error when trying to duplicate non-music cds as well. I tried it with a data cd I had burned of my personal files and could not copy it. Any other suggestions?
I am experiencing the same problem and looking for a solution. In the meantime I am trying disk utility to make an image and then burn the image to a new CD-R.