Duplicate E-mail Arriving -- X 3!!


I found a posting (below) by a user with an issue that's identical for the most part to an the one we're experiencing. My associate receives 3 copies of every e-mail he is sent via IMAP. The difference between the user issue identified below and ours is that we're using Entourage vs. Mail App. Any suggestions?



Jun 21 2005, 8:09am
I am new to using a mail application and am using Tiger's Mail App 2.0.1

I have 3 mail accounts set up in Mail. I have created some rules, also.

My problem is that the mail that is being retrieved from my POP mail accounts, as well as one IMAP account, is being duplicated. I have looked at my rules and cannot figure out what I have done wrong, or what is creating the mail to be duplicated.

Can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me here?

I would greatly appreciate your assistance!