Dvd Burner Won't Work With ...


Hi, 2 days ago i had a problem with my G5 (DP 1.8Ghz), the DVD unit (Pioneer DVR-106) won't work anymore with DVD-R where i putted all sort of my files, music, video, data. The weird fact is that i burned all of them using nothing but my Mac.
It now can read DVD Video (original and copy as well) and all kind of CDs, but no working anymore with these DVD-R (100 more) it simply ejects the media after a little bit.
I run on Tiger 10.4.2 and thinking about a sort of bug or bad .plist i reinstalled the OS from new in another partition, not having any update (10.4.0). Nothing changed at all. Dunno what to do... I think i'd change the DVD unit to a more recent DVR-109, but does my DVD burner finish his glorious days at this time?