Dvd Burning Very Slow

tom salt


I am using a G4 powerbook purchased about 4 months ago. I am trying to burn images onto a dvd using the superdrive but have a problem that the process seems very slow. I am using DVD R+. When I click on the burn option everything but 1 and 2x is greyed out. I do have maximum but this seems to be 2x. I am using phillips DVDs but the same problem has occured with Sony. I have never had the option to burn at 8x which is what the computer and DVDs suggest is possible. It is taking about 30 mins to burn a DVD. Is this normal?




Hi Tom and welcome to the forum.
Which application are you using for burning your DVDs? Are the DVD+Rs 8x compatible? Did you ever try DVD-Rs from Verbatim? 30mins for a DVD is 2x speed, if it's nearly the full size of the DVD.

tom salt

Thanks for responding.

I'm simply using the software that came with the computer. ie I drag files into the open finder window for the dvd, wait for an age for it to copy and then click burn. I'm using reputible brand dvds but desperatly need more speed. I'm a photographer and the I'm burning large tiffs. Does the type of file make any difference? At the moment the snail pace is making life really difficult.