DVD Drive is Pretending It Can't Even Read DVDs In both OS 9 And X


Here's the problem. I have a powerbook G3, relatively new (bought last summer), 192 ram, 400 Mhz, DVD-Player, etc.

What I have the problem with is this: Since I installed OSX some "Quirky" things have been happening, like the sound not working when I reboot to classic (until I shutdown and all), etc, but the thing that drives me nuts is this: I watched a DVD this afternoon (Beyond the Mind's Eye if you must know) and left my Mac running it's screen saver (disc ejected) for about three hours, I returned and the drive no longer reads DVDs.

It runs Data and CD Audio discs but when I put a DVD in there it usually dosen't think I put a disc in but sometimes says it is an "unformatted disc" that it wants to reformat.

*grumble* Three hours, nobody touched it and now it's doing this too. Dunno if it's OSX or what but that's the only thing I've done in the last few days.