Dvd Mounting Problem, Maybe Combo Drive Issue?


I have a DVD-R with some files on it, that mounts fine on all my friend's Macs of various types, but when I put it in my drive, it doesn't even spin, then eventually ejects. I have an iMac G4 flat panel 700 mhz, 512 mb, with a Combo Drive, HL-DT-ST-RW/DVD GCC-4120B (which I think is from H-L Data Storage, Hitachi and LG Electronic joint company), shows firmware rev. 2.11.

A former Apple employee told me to try holding down Apple-Option-O-F during restart, and sure enough, a white screen came up for command line entry. He told me to enter "eject cd". Whenever I did that, I got the message "Can't Open the Eject Device". He believe that this means that my hardware is bad, and that I should see if there is new firmware for this drive. (I've never seen anything about that for the Combo Drive.)

I got another DVD from the same source, told it was burned using some kind of Apple software but this one was burned with Toast 6, both are on the same media (Fujifilm DVD-R up to 8x), and it still works in my drive. One time, I changed the CD&DVD Sys. Preference for a blank DVD to Open in Finder, and the DVD mounted once and only once. I also turned on Classic and it mounted once, and only once. I did this originally under 10.3.9, even reloaded 10.3.9, no difference. I'm now running 10.4.1, and it still doesn't spin up, mount, just ejects after a minute or so.

Anyway, the only problem I seem to have with this drive is for this one DVD, at least so far. But the fact that it works without any problem when I put it in my friend's drives, which are in both older and newer Macs of all types, has me stumped. Any ideas?
I am experiencing this same problem. I'm running an eMac with a Pioneer DVD-105 superdrive in it. It works fine most of the time. Though with various, by that I mean not all, DVD-r's that have been burnt by other computers (macs and pcs alike) will spin for thirty seconds and than eject. Sometimes, after trying a hundred times they will work.

I'm pretty sure the drive has been messed up by OS 10.4. Cause now Toast can't burn cd's without coastering them... So how the hell can I fix it?

A Problem with the firmware? That's what everybody has suggested so far. The computer is out of warranty, so no free new drive?
I've read Apple Knowledgebase articles that referred to updated firmware for the Superdrive, so maybe you should simply try that. Mine is not a Superdrive.
I suspect it is a combo-drive issue. With one brand
of DVD-R my combo did the same thing. Ditto for
the CD/DVD reader in Leslye's G4/400 Sawtooth.

I upgraded to a superdrive (106) and could read that
brand admirably.

Meanwhile I had found nother brand of disc that didn't
give those older drives fits.