DVD performance In X


Searching for logic
I have an Ibook with 500 G3, DVD, and 256 Ram. As everyone knows, in Mac OS 9, if you do anything while a dvd movie is playing, it will start to skip frames and audio will pause. I just put in The Silence of The Lambs, and start the movie on the normal sized window, and was able to run 4 IM windows in Fire, and have notes for class open in Text Edit, without any major slowdown to the overall systems performance. The movie didn't seem to be effected at all. Never skipped a frame, or paused on audio. The only performance problem I saw was starting up Word 2001 in classic. It seemed to take as long as it did in 10.0.4, but at the same time, didn't effect DVD. This is impressive for OS 10.1, especially since i have a software DVD player.