DVD Playback and stuff


Ok I got my Fargo DVD disc to work in the new X DVD player -- and it looks nice -- playback is nice and smooth and it doesn't take over the system like it does in 9. Maybe I'll go out and buy some more DVD's.

Omniweb is faster -- I'll probably start using that instead of IE 5. I still can't view flash movies in Omniweb -- it will crash the app -- not the system. I haven't tried a flash movie in IE 5 in 10.1 -- it would crash my whole system in 10.04. I was really hoping the flash problems would be fixed. Does anyone have info on this?

All and all I think 10.1 is ready for mass consumption -- with some rough edges that need to be worked out.

I don't think OS X will be fully mature until MacWorld New York 2002.