DVD Playback in 10.1


I am waiting to go to my local apple store tomorrow to get the upgrade (like the good apple customer that I am), but I wanted some clarification on something that I have heard. Will there be DVD playback ability on a G3 Powerbook running at 400 Mhz with the bronze keyboard? If it turns out that what I have heard is true and that DVD will not be functional on that model, I will be EXTREMELY upset with Apple. DVD is the only thing that has kept me from fully migrating to OS X, and to not include it for some of your supported computers seems unfair to me.


G3 400 Powerbook "Bronze"
320 Mb
9.2.1 and 10.0.4
A quote from apple
"You can get a front row seat Ñ with a perfect view and dramatic sound Ñ for most of your favorite movies now on DVD, playable on a DVD-ROM-equipped Macintosh G4, iMac, PowerBook and iBook with AGP graphics."


If I understand it correctly the most recent DVD player in the classic OS supported the same machines. You needed a hack to support hardware decoding machines
If you have a hardware DVD decoder in your laptop, then you have what we call a "Lombard" PowerBook.

There isn't a hack out (yet!) for getting DVD playability. As soon as it is rumored to exist, I'll hunt it down, try it, and post my findings.
I'd love a Lombard powerbook. I own a Blue and White G3 (1st generation). Any news on that hardware?
The way I understand it that if your hardware is supported (software decoding)your DVD ROM drive must be inserted or the DVD Player app won't be installed.
Don't know why you wouldn't have it inserted, but...
I have one of those older machines. To what hack are you referring?

Sorry, I heard something about this on the Macnn forums but wasn't paying close enough attention (I currently use a 500DP). So I would think if the latest version of the Apple DVD player on the Classic OS supports your machine, then support will come in OSX eventually.
Yes I also heard it is still a software only. Though I like the idea that it is AltiVec enhanced :) But couldn't you (on PowerBooks) that is just use the DVD-ROM module and forget the hardware PC-Card and let it software decode as it is suppose to. Or did Apple make 10.1 understand the exact models of PowerBook? I would think that would work and I wish I had the money to get DVD for my Lombard.

Obviously this won't work for G3 (B/W) owners because it is the graphics accelerator that is hardware but you would think it would work on PowerBooks. Someone try that out and tell us.
The DVD Player in MacOS X 10.1 only supports those macs that were natively supported by the DVD Player 2.x series under MacOS 9. I have a Blue and White G3/400 that shipped with the DVD playback in hardware via the Rage 128. I have installed a Radeon PCI and ever since then I have had to use a hacked version of DVD Player 2.x because the 1.3 version that is supposed to work doesn't support having the Rage 128 out of the 66MHz slot. Apple is just stupid to exclude hardware accelerated macs from playing back DVD's. My hardware can handle the load with no problems and again I will have to rely on a hack just to get full functionality. I suggest that if you have a hardware accelerated DVD playback mac, then you head on over to http://www.apple.com/macosx/feedback/ and let apple know that the lack of DVD playback sux.
I just let Apple know.

I'm still really looking forward to 10.1, but it seems sad that Apple isn't supporting early adopters with DVD hardware in Mac OS X yet. Let's hope that changes soon. Maybe someone could start a virtual petition. If anyone can share some experience setting this kind of thing up, I would be more than willing to host this petition.