DVD player features in OS 10.1

Magnus Maximus

Did I mention that the DVD player in OS 10.1 ROCKS MAN!!!

Attractive "controller" buttons:
1. Slow Forward: 1/2x, 1/4x, 1/8x
2. Forward "Step"
3. Subtitles

Virtually no skipping - even when multi-tasking in other apps man!

Nice preferences too! Much more professional than the os 9 version.

This player ROCKS !!!
What else would be nice to have in terms of features?

- a good (times x) Fast Forward button.
- a good (times x) Rewind button.


P.S. Bruce Lee classics rock on this thing as is! Quite simply, it's a next level DVD viewing experience.

I would add that, in this release, you can fast forward and reverse at variable speeds using keyboard:

command + arrow(s)

Subtitles do not flash during fast forward or reverse however.
Love the new DVD player :) The only thing I was hoping for that wasn't in there, was a bookmark feature. My player on my PC has one and it comes in handy quite often.
The DVD player is amazing. Silly as it is, I always wanted to be able to watch DVD's while chatting on ICQ and it worked perfectly on my G4/400. Even typing in ICQ didn't slow down (which impressed me because in 10.0.4 it would always be s-l-o-w). :) Apple did a kick-ass job on DVD 3.0. Hope they get it out for those with hardware decoding soon.
I would have liked to see a small digital chapter/time readout in the controller. The info window is a little (lot) obstrusive.

That's pretty much a quibble, though.
My one complaint with the new DVD player is that it doesn't adjust the brightness when running in full-screen mode like the OS9 version does. Thus the picture appears a little "muddy" and the black bars at the top and bottom of the image appear grey rather than jet-black like in OS9.

Am I the only one with this problem? Any suggestions?
Dual monitor support currently ... doesn't exist. In order to play a movie on my left monitor (which echoes to the TV) I have to move my main menu bar there and then launch DVD. That's pretty lame. Reduces my multitasking while my 4 year old watches Spy Kids. ;-)

My most recent joy however comes from the eject button. If you press the eject key on the keyboard it opens the drawer, ejecting media if present, otherwise just opening the drawer. And if the drawer is open, it closes the drawer. I wish the button on the drive had the same behaviour.

Ooh ooh ooh, and the volume up and down buttons now turn off mute. Almost perfect. I just wish mute wasn't a toggle. But I can live with this. Especially for multitasking, as software decoding only takes up 1/2 of 1 processor on my dual 450. :)