Dvd Player Malfunctions And Idvd Freezes And Crashes


I'm running Osx version 10.3.9. Processor 1.6 GHz Power PC G5 with 1.25 GB DDR SDRAM. When I try to play a movie on the DVD player, it skips and jumps, text scrolls have over lapping lines, and there are lots of blocks of pixels. Also, the sound is degraded (not clear and somewhat faint). When I try to use the iDVD application, the mouse arrow freezes and I have to shut down with the power button, or the whole program crashes and I have to use the power button to shut down. I had no trouble with my DVD player and iDVD application until 1) we moved; 2) I had an airport card installed; 3) I had more ram installed; and 4) I had a storage HD installed. I believe that my problems must have to do with one of the above. I have already been advised that I might have bad RAM and had it checked at Compusa. The DVD ran fine when the G5 was in the shop. So, I'm satisfied that the RAM is not the problem. I'm using ethernet and have airport turned off. I have added a UPS (Belkin) to even out the power. This was suggested by the Compusa tech who checked the RAM. The problems persist. I had noticed some radio interference --my external speakers were picking up a radio station. I exchanged them for a better set with greater shielding. Still the problem persists. Other aspects of use of the G5 that are affected are sound (when I made a try a running the DVD player and then go to Finale Notepad, the sound is degraded). I do not have much technical expertise and can not think of anything else to try. I have run MacJanitor a couple of times after crashes, but otherwise I've run out of ideas on how to get things working right again. I would surely appreciate your suggestions.