..DVD Player won't work in 10.1..


I just upgraded from 10.0.4 to 10.1 (that I got from my local Mac store) and the DVD player program will not work. I get a message as follows:

This machine configuration is not supported. The application will now quit.

I have a TI Book G4 500, 512 MB RAM. I'm trying to use the DVD player that is built into the thing, and don't see why there is a problem :(

Someone help please... I need my movies!!! ;)

On related issue, I can't get Toast to recognize my QPS 16X Firewire CD-RW. Just says that no supported drives found. In 9.2.1 there was a way to turn off the burner extensions so that they wouldn't conflict with Toast. I don't see how to do this in 10.1, if this is the problem. Thanks to anyone who may have the answer!!!
Well i updated like you a few days ago and when i first ran the DVD player it quit out and was being ghey, but the next time i opened it and since it has been fine, so i don't know a solution sorry ;-/

And with the toast, i get the same error in x, says no cdr found, so i have to boot into 9 and burn there..
I hope you get the dvd player app going.
I just got 10.1 and think Apple did a great job with the DVD program.

What's even more amazing is I am a person who <i>could</i> benefit from the iMac/G4 DVD Settlement so my dvd is not supposed to work well :rolleyes:. (Even though the case seems bogus to me)

My ONLY problem with the new DVD player is when I switch to full screen, my speakable items SOMETIMES opens. The only way I can turn it back off is by accessing speakable items in the System Preferences. Does anyone know why this happens and how to stop it?
i've had the same thing happen when going into full screen sometimes the speakable items opens,,,. dunno why
there have been several dvd's i have used where when i use the maximum size, it fills the screen horizontally, while keeping the destop visible above and below the picture. however, when i do fill screen so that only the movie is visible, then suddenly the pictire becomes very small (no longer filling the screen) on top of the black background.

i am hoping its just a bug, because when you fill the screen it should show the max size on top of the black background.

thanks for any help.