Dvd Player


I have an ibook with MAC OS X 10.3.9. I tried to play a dvd for the first time last night and it would not work. When I insert the disc I can hear the drive attempting to read it and then it simply ejects the disc. The DVD player application does not attempt to open when I insert the DVD into the drive. When I open the DVD player application I get an error that says something to the effect of "Can't detect DVD drive." Then the application quits. Any tips? i tried downloading updates from the apple site but none of them would run on my comp. Appreciate any advice.


Tell us which ibook you have and verify that it has a DVD drive. You can find this out by going to ABOUT THIS MAC and choosing MORE INFO... Click the ATA choice in the list on the left under Hardware. You should see a bus for the optical drive (usually ATA-3) and one for the hard drive (usually ATA-4). Highlight the optical drive and check the Drive Type. Let us know the Model and drive type of your optical drive.


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I think the error message pretty much sums things up for you. This is not Windows with its often cryptic messages, this is Mac OS X telling you you haven't got a DVD drive. ;)