I tried to read DVD+R on my powerbook (G4 combo-drive). And it worked! well... for a while. I eject the DVD, put it back and then it depends... Or it is a "blank CD", or it gets stucked... rarely, it works. Can someone explain me why I could read DVD+R media on a DVD-R drive and why it does not work anymore?

Life would be so beautiful if those stupid manufacturer would agree on one standard.


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DVD voodoo. I've decided that DVD is still a black art. Moreover, older drives seem to have more of a problem than newer drives and the older the drive is the more it seems to suffer from some sort of degenerative disease that makes it more and more likely to reject disks it was previously quite happy with. I have an iBook here with a combo drive that refuses to recognise more and more DVDs as time goes by. It certainly will not recognise anything that has been burned be it - or +.
This Digital Digest article is a bit long, but it does a good job explaining the differences between the DVD-R and DVD+R standards. Apple has only very recently supported the DVD+R standard because they felt DVD-R offered more reliable compatibility. Personally with the advent of Blu-Ran and HDTV standards I think Apple may have been better served to bypass DVD+R and wait for one of the new High Definition standards to come to the fore.