DVD±R/W and OS 9


Crotchety UI Nitpicker
I'm looking to buy a Firewire DVD burner soon, preferably one that supports dual-layer discs. Are there any such drives that work with OS 9? I found a LaCie model that is compatible with OS 9, but only for single-layer burning. Is that just a software issue? And if so, are their any third-party apps I could use to get that functionality?

<mini-rant> It really pisses me off that most manufacturers and catalogs never specify any of these things. Many don't even state that they're Mac compatible, and list only Windows in their requirements — even in Mac catalogs. Others DO say they're Mac-compatible, but still only list Windows in their system requirements sheet. (I'm lookin' at YOU, Sony!) AAARG! </mini-rant>

Any recommendations would appreciated.