DVD ripping and DivX/3ivX



3ivX has been released as a delta 3-version for Mac OS X, it only supports playback as of now, but there will probably be a encoder out soon. (www.3ivx.com)

I have looked for DVD ripping utilities for Mac OS X, but found none. Even though X does not support DVD-playback it should be possible to rip DVD:s, no? X mounts DVD:s, so nothing is stopping us from extracting data is there? Where is DeCSS, that code should've been ported long ago. Where is DVDExtractor Carbon?

Anyone? I want to rip DVD:s and encode 3ivX with both my processors... not just one.

Theo Hultberg/Iconara
I'm sure Mac OS X would prefer that no one pass on information about where to get DeCSS code, T-shirts, napkins, etc.

But I'm sure a search engine could help you.