Dvd-rom/ Cd-rw Drive Doesn't Work


This is got to be the strangest thing ever. I have two iMacs one 17in and the other is the 15in model. But within the last week or so, the DVD media just runs in the unit for about a minute or so and ejects the raw DVD. First I thought it was bad dvds’ because this occurred after I ran out of discs and I bought a new batch and this is when I noticed the problem on both units. So I went out and bought some more dvds and the same problem occurred. I not tech person, but it can’t be the drives going out at the same time and other people having the same problem occurring at the same time. This is some weird stuff. I just hope someone can figure this out in a hurry.

other people with the same problem



If you have DVD rom as you mention how do you expect the combo drive to read and empty DVD as you don't have a DVD burning feature ?

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