I have used the disc utility to erase a rewritable disc which had Itunes playlist on it.

I then insert the disc to burn my updated itunes playlist..
The process starts fine checking playlists then proceeds to "Burning Disc-Finishing" about 17 minutes from start and the disc is ejected with the message"attempt to burn failed the device failed to respond properly,unable to cover or retry"

I then use the disc utility to erase whats on the DVD+RW and start again but the same thing happens every time. If I click first aid in disc utility there are error messages.

Invalid B-tree node size the volume needs to be repaired.

The underlying task reported failure on exit.

HSF volume checked.

Volume needs repair.

However the repair checkbox is greyed out, all I can do is erase the disc and start to butn again but the same thing happens.

This is a new IBOOKG4 and the superdrive appears ok the Maxell DVD+RW 4.78GB Data 1-4Xspeed is also new and took the original 4GB OK.

Can anyone tell me what the problem is and what I can do to resolve it.


Kind regards,