Dvd Stuck And G5 Won't Boot Up


Hi. I need some help. I was going to play a dvd that i had burned sometime before to see what was on it and after I put it in and before the dvd player started up...everything froze and I couldn't move the curser. I had to eventually force quit (turn off the computer by holding the button for a few seconds). fter about 30 seconds I tried powering it up again and now it won't start at all. The light on the power button lights up like it's going to start, but it doesn't and the light flahes brighter 3 times and then stays dim for ten seconds and repeats that constantly. I've tried several times. Please help. Thanks


Staff member
Does the DVD drive eject if you hold down the mouse button at boot-time? If not, it sounds rather like a real computer defect, i.e. RAM fried or something similarly bad.