DVD Studio Pro 4 Problems


I have just recently bought a external plextor Dual Layer DVD Burner, it works great. With that said, as i use DVD Studio Pro to burn my video projects and all, i go to format and format the video file to be burned on the Dual Layer drive as a Dual Layer disc. As i hit burn it pops up with a window saying the disc needs a layer point or match point or something, so the dvd when read will have a spot to switch over to the second layer of the disk. I have read all of the user manuel and have followed all of the directions on how to set a layer point. None of it has worked. And on top of that some of the directions it told me to do, well the pop up menus were not where they said they would be, actually i couldnt find them at all. I am just wonderinng if any body knows a easier or better way that i can rip a dual layer movie from dvd studio pro?