DVD to CD OSX Install Disc


I made a Panther Install CD from a Panther Install DVD using hdiutil on a G4 ibook.

Login as root on the Mac with the DVD.

Make a read write image of the DVD Install Disc then eject the DVD and mount the image and then just keep the base install packages on the image so the image will burn onto a CD after resizing the image using hdiutil.

You can put the packages you delete from the DVD image onto an additional CD for later installation.

I had BaseSystem.pkg BSD.pkg Essentials.pkg Java.pkg MediaFiles.pkg plus some mpkg files
that might not all be essential AdditionalPrinterDrivers.mpkg BundledSoftware.mpkg EssentialSystemSoftware.mpkg Fonts.mpkg Languages.mpkg OSInstall.mpkg.

The packages are in a hidden folder /Volumes/Mac OS X Install Disc1/System/Installation/Packages/.packages.

Use Go to Folder from the Go menu to get to the .packages folder.

Then to resize the DVD image down to CD size open a Terminal window and use
hdiutil create -srcdir /Volumes/"Mac OS X Install Disc 1" -noscrub -noanyowners -stretch 650m -format UDRW ~/Desktop/CD.img
and the resized CD.img will appear on the Desktop.

It might take a few tries to get the size right so the image will fit on a CD.

Then burn CD.img to a CD and you should have a OSX CD Install Disc.

I'd suggest doing it on a RW CD otherwise a lot of coasters might be burnt.

This is useful if you don't have a superdrive DVD burner and need to make backup Install CDs.

Something similar might work for the Tiger Install DVD as well.