DVD writer options?

Paul C

Now the price of dual layer discs is dropping I'm looking to get a DVD writer, but I don't know which route to take, my options are below:

1. Lacie D2 external firewire drive - most expensive option

2. USB 2.0 exclosure with a Pioneer drive

3. Firewire exclosure with Pioneer drive

Reseason why I listed the USB 2.0 enclosure is that I find their cheaper than the firewire ones, but I don't want to buy a cheap option if it won't work as well as just paying the extra for the Lacie drive?

Also it the lightscribe things anygood on the lacie drives?

Help guys :confused:
I'd personally stick with a firewire based option. To build a custom unit with a case and a lightscribe compatible drive you're going to spend almost as much as buying the Lacie D2. A decent 5.25" FW case [NewEgg][MacSales] (most will also have USB 1) will run you in the $40 to $70 range and a lightscribe compatible drive will run in the $90 to $110 range. Regular burners in the $60 to $80 range.

If you go Lacie, then grab a D2 version if possible. A bit more expensive, but better quality than the cheaper Porsche models.

MacSales does offer a Pioneer 16xDL drive already in their OWC enclosure for $129.
Kool, found a place here in the UK that sells them, is it tricky to replace the drive and do I need any drives? also will it be a lot slower than having a 16x lacie drive?

Thanks for the help guys :)
Sorry, have no idea where to buy from in the UK. Maybe someone else here will.

The link I supplied, that company will probably ship to you.
My drive should be arriving tomorrow morning, apart from installing the patchburn software is their anything I should be aware of when installing the drive?