DVR-110D (superdrive) not working on G4


Hi I just purchased a Pioneer DVR-110D DVD-RW drive from macsales based on recommendations found here. I installed it in my G4 AGP Sawtooth running OSX 10.3.x and it doesn't read my media. While it shoes up in system profiler, and it will successfully play one of my dvds, inserting any other disk (cd-rom, cd-r, cd-rw) causes the drive to spin forever and eventually spit out the disk...

I verified that it is not an OS problem by booting with my OSX install disk in the drive while holding down the C key, and no go... blank grey screen and eventually it spits the disk out in disgust. Yes, the jumpers are correct... replaced my old DVD-ROM drive and that drive naturally works just fine. My external cd burner which is unsupported also works fine and will read cds but will not burn unless I use patch burn. The DVR-110D does not read any media except for DVDs, regardless of whether or not I use patchburn (which isn't required for reading anyway).

I think the drive is defective, and I am questioning whether I should bother with a replacement or get some sort of NEC drive instead. Help!

Tom Stock