Dyndns (ddclient) success


I think I have ddclient working under OSX.

You can get the source at


With a mess of sudo's etc, I installed ddclient into /usr/sbin and the conf file in /etc/ddclient.conf

I had to change the "if" option to use en0, not eth0.

then I went to the login system pref and added /usr/sbin/ddclient.

I think for a cable modem adjusting at boot should be sufficient to catch any IP changes. Could be wrong, guess I'll find out.

I had to sudo to chown the files to my username, and chmod the permissions to 755.

I was then able to ssh into my machine from another acct using my dyndns acct.

hope this helps anyone,
I'm using DNSUpdate. Nice install, nice Cocoa GUI configurator. Only beef is that you need to reboot for it to work.

I had to muck with the source to get it to connect to a high port on the checkip server, so that it would get around my ISP's nat though. A pretty simple modification though, and building it was no problem at all.

I've gotten ddclient to run propertly when I use sudo.

I'd not like to have it run as a daemon, monitoring the IP address from my router and updating as necessary.

Can you explain to me how to make this work? I understand how to do it in Linux, but I'm not a Macintosh expert.

Thank you,