Early 2013 retina macbook pro bluetooth issues (buggy, cuts in/out)


My early 2013 retina macbook pro has bluetooth issues. It's buggy, cuts in/out.

When I'm using my bluetooth mouse, it stops moving every 2-3 seconds. It's choppy when listening to audio, it cuts in and out.

I've tried everything software related; resetting PRAM/SMC, resetting bluetooth module, executing various terminal commands...

Any of these fixes that work, work for about 1 day or less, then the problem resumes.

Any advice? Do you think if I replace/upgrade the airport card to this one, it might fix the problem?


I've hard many people have bluetooth quality issues with macbook pros from around this time.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Have you tried getting a wireless mouse from logitech - the kind with its own usb connection doggle?