Earth final conflict - can someone fill me in ?!


Simply Daemonic
I saw last season's season finale but due to the shows schedulng and my saturday job, I missed the frist 3 episodes of this season. This is what happened at the season finale:

* The mothership was being bombed
* Sandoval was left for dead on it
* Taelons and Jaridians were being merged in some chamber with the help of kinkaid.

Now there are a few things I dont get

* How did the mothership survive?
* How did sandoval survive ?
* How did the ativi get on the mothership ?
* How did kincaid die? Do you think there is a chance of getting him back?
* Where is augur ?
* What happened to the North Atlantic Alliance ?
* What the heck happened to the Taelon Embassies ?