Earth/Globe screensaver


As one coming from the old NEXTSTEP environment I'm very much thrilled with OS X. It's using a lot of the good stuff of the old NeXT environment and especially its programming tools (IB/PB) are almost familiair. The one I'm missing from my NEXTSTEP environment though is the beautiful screensaver that I had running there: it just showed the earth turning with the time and showing on which part of the earth the sun was shining and on which part not. Is such a screensaver available for OS X. Or maybe for OS 9 (but could it then run in OS X).

Many thanks for any replies.

Yep, thanx, found that one after I started the thread. It's not like the old NeXTStep Globe screensaver (which really showed a globe, turning round / or not dependent on the config) but this one is good too.

<font color=steelblue>Well, I'm just thinking (as I havn't got my iMac quite yet) but as OS X is based on the Unix stuff, and you can run one of the Linux/Unix window managers on it (I forget which one, but its the one with this) and it has a screen saver that has the revolving globe. Anyway, I was thinking that you could load the window manager and just take the globe screensaver from that....

Dunno if it'd work though...
Check out EarthBrowser. It was recently carbonized for OS X and can display current cloud formations, area weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc, provided you're connected to the Net. You can run it in full screen mode so it looks like a screensaver (except with the menu bar and dock as borders), even if it technically isn't one.
Download it here: