easiest/fastest way to network my mac/pc with a router?


Where's your head at?
i want to network my pc and mac through my netgear RT314. is that possible?

anyone have easy instructions?
Sure, just plug them into the ethernet ports on the back of the router, give them IP #s of the form 192.168.0.X (the router is probably, so start with 2) You could also set them to use DHCP, but I always find setting things manually to be faster and more reliable.

The easiest way to transfer files back and forth is probably to run an ftp server on one of them, and use that. Run an ftp client on the other machine, and connect to the IP# of the server.
thats the method ive been using... thought their woulda been an easier way.

downloading/uploading through ftp is a bit slow
You could use DAVE to get them to see each other through filesharing, I think that's free now; or run a hotline server on one, I've done that when I needed to transfer something.