Easy formula for Mac OS X/PC network over ethernet??


I'm an experienced user in most aspects, but I never kept up with networking... I've got a G4 running 10.1, and a Dell laptop running Win 98. Both have Ethernet, and I've got a crossover cable. Now, without getting too complicated, what's the easiest way to move stuff from one to the other? I have Timbuktu for X, but haven't figured out how to configure it, and it may be too much for what I'm wanting to do. Suggestions please?

OK...here goes...
1. Plug x-over to ethernet port on both machines.
2. open the System preference on the G4
3. give it an ip address of with a subnet mask of
4. (optionallly give it a router address of
5. open the win98 network control panel
6. give the win98 box an ip of with a subnet mask of
7.(optionallly give it a router address of
8. close the network control panel on the win98 box ( you will be prompted to reboot...you may need your win98 cd if the win98 cab files are not loaded on the pc).
9. when the pc comes back up...go to a dos prompt and type ping should get 4 responses with TTL's (time to lives).
10. open up a terminal window on the mac...type ping should get ALOT of responses hit control +c to stop them.
11. Hurray now your 2 computers see each other. Lets move on shall we..

12. go back to the network control panel on the win98 box.
hit the add button and add a Client for microsoft networks... it will show up in the top screen.
13. now hit the "file and print sharing button" and check " I want to give other access to my files.
14. close the network control panel...you will need to reboot again...it's a wintel PC isn't it. You will be prompted for a name and a password when it boots back....make something up. keep it simple....
15. double click the my computer icon and right click the c-drive icon.
16. click sharing and give a share name of "cdrive". then close
17. go to the mac...do an "apple +k" or connect to server from the go menu.
18. type the following ...smb://
19. don't worry about the workgroup prompt, just fill the name and password field out using the name and password you gave the PC.
20. the c drive of the pc should now be mounted on the mac.

note: I do all of this from memory...so I may have left something out.

:confused: but this should get you pretty close...:D