Easy Way To Change Folder Permissions


Hi all,

We have the server setup with staff and students all with individual logins.

Students have read access to HOME\STUDENTS\
and full access to their own HOME\STUDENTS\STUDENTNAME\ folder

I would like to be able to enable staff read access to all of the individual students folders, applying read access to the whole students folder would overwrite the individual's permissions inside that folder.

So the only way I can think of doing it is going to each individuals folder and applying read access to them. But that will take FOREVER with 500 students. If anyone knows a quick way, or maybe something I missed that would be appreciated.

Highlight all of them right click and change the permissions that way - or add the staff to a special group that would allow read and write access to the folders in other words allow them to read and write to that folder. That'd be a way to do it also.
Or you could change the permissions in the CLI. Use chgrp -R and the chmod -R This will enable you to change permission quite easy and fast. If you not not that familiar with CLI check server documentation on Apple Website or type man chmod and man chgrp in the CLI
If you are using 10.4 server the ploblem should be easily solved with Access Control Lists