Economizing screen on i-Mac by saving power


Dear MacOS X users

I setup an i-Mac (that nice :) compact device with built-in screen and transparent housing as shown in with MacOS X as a Telnet and Web server, so I'd like to run it non-stop.

At the console, only the login prompt appears most time because users work remotely.

The OS itself works fine but the screen goes only black instead power off (no typical power-on sound from the CRT electrics when moving the mouse locally). On every standard i386 desktop PC I simply can switch off the monitor when I'm not longer using it but there's only a general switch on the iMac's housing (the computer part itself should run to be able Telnet at any time!).

Is there a power management setting in MacOS X which I can set as "root" and which is applied when I logoff from the system? At the moment, the CRT is like a small heating and I don't want reduce its life time... ;-)

I am not sure what I did, but my monitor does go into energy saving mode even while I am logged off. I set my account and the root account's "energy saver" control panel so that there is a seperate timer for monitor to "sleep." The system never seems to go to sleep, but the monitor does, even while I am not logged in.
Mac OS X Beta does not support full sleep capabilities on desktop Macs. This is the reason that you see the screen only dim - full Energy Saver power-saving features are not yet implemented.

AlternativeTest for Laptops:
Put your Powerbook into X Beta sleep mode and see how long the battery lasts.