Edirectory Ladp Authentication


looking for a simple way to have user login authenticated (username and password) through a novell edirectory ldap server.
Have read the macnterprise paper from 2004, but looking to do most work on client workstation, not within the servers schema.
Anyone have any experience in this?
At this point I just want a Mac user to enter name and password at login screen at starup and use the info from the ldap server rather than from the netbios.
Thanks in advance!
No matter how hard you try you need to do things at the server end. Just to name a few you need to extend the schema, map the correct class and attribute mappings, add the correct extensions to your users, etc. etc. After all of that is finished (it is a little easier than it sounds) you need to configure your mac client. The only other way is to spend money, and usually it is not cheap. :D