editing .kext for USB wireless key


Hey guys,

I ran into a small problem. I picked up a Gigabyte Wireless USB key, (Model GN-WBKG) and after doing some research on the net, found out that with a little love, some editing, and a pair, it could be made to work with OS X.

But, it needs a modification to the driver for the chipset in the key, and you have to make it in the .kext file. I open the package, and tried editing the necessary file with Text editor.

First problem, was that my system would not allow me to save the changes. I tried my best, and got the file modified, but the file never picked up the USB key.

So, what's the best way to edit a .kext file? Is there a way to reload the file once the changes have been made?

Here is a link to the forum that talks about the changes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Gil P.
The best way to edit a kext would to first make a backup, then use terminal command sudo vim "file name" this will give you root access so you can write to it.

I would assume you also need to reload the driver either by rebooting or by command. I think it is something like kextload or kext -load. I can't really remember and I am not near a Mac.