Editing Windows Machine Account Passwords In Osx Tiger Envrionment


I need to be able to manually create and edit machine account passwords for a number of Windows XP machines on an OSX Tiger 10.4.2 PDC running Samba 3.03.

The machines are all running diskless off of a single virtual disk on the server and because of this are all attempting to authenticate using the same machine trust account password despite have different machine names.

I have what I think are the proper steps to create and edit machine account passwords on a Linux PDC and a OSX Panther PDC, but am not sure how to perform the same function in Tiger.

The following is my understanding of how to create and edit a machine account password in SAMBA on a Linux box:

1. Create a Linux user account for the machine with a $ character after the system name:

useradd Client_Machine_Name$

2. Add the machine account to the SAMBA directory:

smbpasswd -a -m Client_Machine_Name

3. Add the password to the machine account:

smbpasswd -m Client_Machine_Name

I also found an article on how to do this using OSX Jaguar at:


If anyone could explain to me how to perform this function on a Tiger PDC, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for the help,